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Billy Nomates is a rising star in the UK music scene. Known for his unique voice and creative style, he captivates audiences with his eclectic blend of rock, pop, and experimental music.

His music is characterized by its emotional depth and personal touch, resonating with a dedicated fanbase.

Discover Billy Nomates' discography and immerse yourself in his captivating sound. From high-energy rock anthems to introspective ballads, his music offers something for every listener.

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About Me
  • Date of Birth
    May 2, 1990
  • Place of Birth
    Leicester, United Kingdom
  • Early Years
    Raised in Leicester, Billy Nomates was once a member of some unnoticed bands.
  • Inspiration
    After a period of depression, inspired by a live performance of Sleaford Mods, Billy Nomates decided to re-engage in music creation.
  • Relocation
    Moved to Bournemouth for songwriting and composing.
  • Debut Album
    In 2020, released the self-titled debut album "Billy Nomates", produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead.
  • EP Release
    In October 2021, released the EP "Emergency Telephone", also distributed by Barrow's Invada Records.
  • Second Album
    Released the second album "CACTI" in 2022.
  • Performance at Glastonbury
    In 2023, faced significant online abuse following a performance at the Glastonbury Festival, drawing support from fellow musicians.
Billy Nomates

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I believe everyone has the right to pursue their dreams and passions, whatever they may be.

We live in a world full of challenges and opportunities, and I hope my music can inspire people to face life's difficulties and challenges bravely.

Society's expectations and norms often limit individuals' development and freedom. I hope my music can inspire people to think and challenge the status quo.

In the process of creating music, I try to reflect my emotions and experiences while also aiming to touch the hearts of listeners.

For me, music is not just an art form; it's a way of life and an attitude.

I believe music has the power to transcend language and culture, connecting people's hearts and bridging boundaries.

As an artist

Music is my way of expressing emotions and thoughts; it's an indispensable part of my life.

-Billy Nomates
《Emergency Telephone》

Song Album


This song expresses the emotions of refusal and standing firm in one's own position. With concise yet powerful lyrics and a strong melody, the song embodies a sense of determination and independence.

Hippy Elite

"Hippy Elite" explores themes of social class and pretense in a humorous and ironic manner, revealing the masks people may wear in pursuit of vanity and status.

No Means Of Escape

This song explores feelings of repression and confinement, emphasizing the desire to escape and break free. It portrays a longing for freedom and resistance against constraints.


"Hymn" is a powerful anthem celebrating self-affirmation and steadfast belief. It celebrates individual worth and dignity.

Modern Hart

This song explores themes of loneliness and alienation in modern life. It presents an examination of reality and an exploration of inner emotions through unique music.


"Wilderness" is a song about seeking freedom and adventure. It expresses a longing for nature and the unknown world, as well as a pursuit of liberation from a confined life.

Sensible Shoes

This song explores rebellion against tradition and norms, emphasizing individualism and self-expression. It challenges standardization and conventions.

Call In Sick

"Call In Sick" is a lively and liberating song that encourages people to break free from constraints and pursue freedom and happiness. It celebrates life and self-determination.

Billy Nomates


What Fans Say


Billy Nomates' music is full of power and authenticity; her lyrics and voice feel genuine and profound.

Music Journalist
Sarah Johnson
Music Journalist

Her music is not just enjoyable; it's also inspiring. She bravely explores topics that people are reluctant to discuss, making her music stand out.

Music Blogger
David Smith
Music Blogger

Billy Nomates' music makes me feel brave and determined; her voice is full of strength, and I always look forward to her new releases.

Music Producer
Emily Chang
Music Producer